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She and Brian Mc Kee (above) got married on May 6th, in case yu missed that memo, but it's already over.What could have possibly gone wrong with an engagement that happens in less than six months and a marriage that happens soon after?She was born in Chicago, Illinois, United States on 29th January 1974 making her an American in nationality, black in ethnicity and as currently estimated she has is 41 years in age.

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But you just got back.’ It takes a special bond and relationship to understand what this world is like, and to not be threatened by it.

AK: I tried to date the regular man, [but in] this world it’s like, ‘Okay, so you’re leaving when, and you’re gonna be gone how long?

Later on in the year 2014 there was news of her getting engaged with Brian Mckee as her fiancé, which turned out as a factual information but sadly their relation ship didn’t go so long term as they had a divorce 2 month after their marriage.

And according some of the available documents she has 3 children (kids) from her first husband.

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