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Anyways, over the years my hard work has taken its toll on my body and now at the age of 45 I was realizing that I needed an employee to help me out around the shop.I had enough money that I could afford to pay my employee more than most other small business owners. Id lived next door to my sister Beth and her husband for years. After feeding one of them a good meal, Id usually get a really nice reward.

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Most of them were male who were interested in the job but there were also a few girls. My engorged erection was pressed firmly the girls naked back and ass. My hands were playing with a pussy and they were playing with tits. I used both hands, spread the puffed pussy-lips with the fingers of one, and found the clit with the fingers of the other. Therefore, her pussy-hole had no natural vaginal lubrication. Veena Becoming A Slave part 1: Veena Becoming A Slave part 2: Hi, this the third part of veena becoming slave, sorry it took some time, I walk to the story directly I said I would like to try threesome she refused she don’t want to add other in this she want to keep it as a secret forever and she can’t take any other men in her life, she was very strong in that I said ok not a men, a female slave, she asked why am I not a good slave am I not serving you properly I am ready to do anything for my master, I said ok get me another female slave she was thinking a lot and said it is a risk and we both could be caught slowly I convinced her and finally we dissed the new female slave will be a slave for her also and both the females will be slave to me, she asked me is there any slave bitch I know, I said no I asked her she have any idea, she said there is a bitch with slave attitude in her, and I know her I asked who is she? Served at room temperature, this dessert would be topped-off with an orgasmic portion of steaming hot cock-cream mixed with a cupful of sizzling pussy-juices. Whatever it is the kids think about me, it doesnt keep them from coming over to swim in my pool. Beth had one of the best cookbook libraries around. A fine hot pussy and a couple of tits, mixed with a heaping helping of engorge six-inch cock, made an excellent recipe for dessert.

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