Stop ipod from automatically updating dating rules for women from men

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When you plug it into the computer, i Tunes should automatically open.

i Tunes will then give you a message telling you it cannot open the i Pod’s info because it requires a password.

This article will teach you how to unlock your i Pod Touch without knowing the password or passcode.

Just follow these simple steps and you will be able to use your i Touch again.

It gets better: This tutorial also works when it says disabled or it says you can’t try the passcode for another 326,132 minutes (or more or less).

Also, be sure you have i Tunes installed on your computer you try to reset it.

This finally worked, did follow Apple's advice, no luck at all even after several attempts and other things too, must have re-installed i-tunes eight times at least. :)My dad cleared my laptop a few months ago, so i Tunes has been deleted along with it. when I get to this screen and I right click, im not given the option of format? i have done everything in this tutorial but when i get to the last step, it does not let me chose " FAT32" or "default allocation size" there are only blanks there. When you power up the ipod put your ear to the back and listen for a clicking noise.

And then I re installed a new one and added only videos and music. A lot of things are saved in my i Pod is not available in i Tunes. I only have open, open in new window, import pictures and videos, create shortcut and properties. Please help, i am running itunes 9 on a PCIf it leaves those blank then you have one of 3 problems. If you hear nothing you might be lucky, and it could be the cable.

While this comprehensive list of tips and lesser known features may not appeal to the die-hard Apple fans who are on the cutting-edge of every move the company makes, new and casual users should find at least a few gems they weren’t aware of before.

If you have a helpful hint for the i Phone or i Pod touch that isn’t listed here, post a comment to share it with us!

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