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It may not be your thing, but the point is that back in the 70s hair was all the rage. Now, everybody seems to think they have to buff and polish their genitals.

I suspect that’s partly because of a certain type of movie.

And after all this discursive talk, what at last does Bone say to Silence? We could try Is there anywhere we can go for a beer?

and that might get a little laugh, might qualify as ineffably human, almost religious.

Death, God, and attaining and maintaining a state of Grace are among the thematic strokes winding their way through the piece, rapturously illustrated with animation, still and video imagery.

It is a work that contains specific details about its themes, but sufficiently ambiguous and free of dogma, including religious dogma that, our futuristic visitors explain, is a vestigial leftover from an earlier phase of evolution.

A long time passes—long even in the understanding of stone—and at last Bone feels entitled to speak to Silence.

There are prerequisites: proper depth, aridity, desiccation, ph balance, density, and a kind of confidence. And when the conversation occurs it is understood on Bone's part what to expect from Silence, so one could say that expectations were low, but such is a pattern of our thinking, and in this case the entire dry dialectic is different, and in fact expectations were high.

Convinced he will find Sheila having sex with a stranger, Jake hunts for his wife upstairs, but instead finds himself in a compromising situation with the host, Rachel, a double mastectomy survivor whose overt desire entices.

A honeymoon in Paris takes a ferocious turn as Sheila rounds on Jake, “making him feel like a rapist”.

When therapy unearths an abusive past, Sheila’s recovery and subsequent sexual awakening seems centred on anyone but her husband.

And while Death is an ever-present rumination, so are Redemption, Affirmation, and Possibility.

Hello there, I’m Dr Phil and today we’re going to talk about why people shave their body hair.

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