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As an infrequent watcher of reality shows, I breezed by news in Morning Brew a few months ago about the new series Police Women of Memphis on TLC.

She told Dara that the couple planned a ceremony in Memphis to celebrate the marriage.

But we didn’t realize at the time that the celebration — the couple’s two-year anniversary and renewal of vows — would be a featured part of a Police Women episode.

At ldate.com, we're excited and proud of all of our successful couples! We met on this site 11 years ago, Married 3 years now!!! We live a wonderful life We are truly living the fairy tale "And WE Live Happily Ever After" Thank-Q L Date!!! I'm hoping I don't need it ever again (smile) I feel like remaining on this site can become problematic. Again, thanks for the forum that has allowed me to find happiness.

We hope that you too will be the next to add your story to our ever-growing collection. 3 yrs ago it started with exchanging winks, emails, phones dates, a yr later I moved to Texas to be with the Butch of my dreams. we never take each other for granted and enjoy spending everyday together! We first met on ldate almost 2 years ago when we were still 400 miles and 3 states apart.

The purpose of my blog is to help other lesbians, both single and partnered, to find some insight and inspiration through articles, stories, advice, news, politics, and humor, all relating to, in one way or another, the world of lesbian dating and relationships. Then most second dates don’t become third dates, so by the time you are on a third date, you might be thinking this could be serious. She’s never done anything athletic or broken a sweat. Only if its important to you to work out with your sweetie because this woman just told you she’s not that type of girl. She’s raw and lonely and looking to fill the gap created by that breakup. Then, during one particularly interesting conversation, she tells you she’s awful with communication, all her exes say she’s terrible about sharing what’s really going on, hates deep conversations and likes to keeps things on the surface.

And if you’ve had sex already, you do think it’s serious. Plus, if it was a really mean breakup and you’re sitting there telling her how sexy she looks or how funny she is, you are definitely making her feel a lot better. When you take the time to be present, listen to what a woman is telling you and pay attention to her actions, you’ll start to recognize when a relationship should be over sooner rather than later.

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