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Broadway success requires not just outstanding acting, but also outstanding singing. Sutton Foster has certainly made a name for herself and so has her ex-husband Christian Borle.Like other Broadway couples before them (for instance Tye Diggs and Idina Menzel), they were unable to maintain their marriage, however. Sutton admitted that she went to “crazy town” after the divorce.[ELLE] Take back the books and pack up the clothes Clear out the room and drop off the key Leave with what's left of my dignity Get in the car and just go Chalk it all up to experience They said I'd fail but I disagreed Who could say then where my path would lead Well now I know Back to the sun Back to the shore Back to what I was before Back where I'm known Back in my own very small pond Laugh with my friends when I arrive We'll drop the top and just drive That's fine by me Just let me be legally blonde Thanks for your help and for all you've done Thank you for treating me decently [EMMETT] What's wrong?

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When one thing didn’t work, she tried something else, losing herself in the process.

And now I'm kind of sad, and the awards haven't even started yet! Here's what happened: There I was, watching the Tony Awards red carpet webcast with Natalie and my roommate.

Norbert Leo Butz, who had been nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role in a Musical for , was being interviewed alongside his wife, actress Michelle Federer. what happened to Sutton Foster and Christian Borle? Hollywood romances are known even by those who don't follow them, but Broadway romances fly a little further under the radar.

Also in 2003, he replaced Gavin Creel in the role of Jimmy in Thoroughly Modern Millie.

Well, they have their own Twitter account — @Chris Borles Arms — which the star of Broadway’s “Something Rotten! It muscled its way onto social media the night NBC aired “Peter Pan Live! When he heard he had a nude scene coming up, Borle signed up for the gym closest to his home and hired personal trainer Mat Leonard.

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