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All you've got to do is remember what those words are, and feed them back to her later on.

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And as a result young men like you start searching for advice and tips to make their cougar dating dreams a reality.You've got to break the ice somehow, and just start talking conversationally about something.Then just look for clues within the conversation that you can naturally lead to more interesting topics.Most guys, when trying to impress a girl, will try to do something called "demonstrate value," or DV. The reason this works so well is that when she says those words, she's imagining (usually subconsciously) all kinds of wonderful feelings.When most folks DV, they try to show off through stories, presupposed skills, and other ways to try to get the girl thinking, "Wow, this guy is really impressive, I really like him! For example, you think the fact that you're a pilot and you go skydiving in your spare time is something to behold. Instead of getting her to describe those feelings, just pay attention to those words.

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